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    About Us

    Our Story

    This is the story of the creation and growth of a dream, rooted in passion and driven by perseverance.

    Margot had a yearning. She didn’t know what it was but set out on a journey to America to find what she was looking for – it was destiny. The seed of her intangible desire began to take shape and was planted after she learned the art of mould making and metal casting. She brought this skill home to South Africa, determined to turn her dream into a reality.

    She had no money in the beginning, but through good fortune as well as the generosity of family and friends, Roots of Creation was born and has grown into a well-established company that shares the ‘spirit’ of Africa through a diverse range of authentic, handmade souvenirs with the world.

    Roots of Creation is a home-based in Salt River. There are no employees, but rather a family of 48 likeminded, passionate individuals who believe in her vision. Margot takes a proactive approach, ensuring that everyone is able to expand their skills to excel in their chosen field.

    The sound of laughter and chatter fill the factory as new, exciting souvenirs are lovingly created by hand.

    Today, Margot and her extended family, have the pleasure of showing their gratitude of good fortune by contributing towards organisations that support children in need, the sick and the homeless. They also donate to schools and charities. Dreams do come true.

    Our Team

    Fabian Steenkamp

    I’ve been working at Roots of Creation for the last 16 years. It’s my 2nd home.

    Heather Armoed

    From the day I started at Roots of Creation, I enjoyed my work and see a future here for me.

    Ilene Strydom

    Roots of Creation is my first job. Over the last 14 years, I’ve learned each and every day, that’s why I love my job very much.

    Chrystal Keyster

    I’ve been with the amazing Roots of Creation family for 18 years. We as a team always try to give our best to be the best.

    Vehonever Samuels

    I’ve been at the company for 12 years now. This is the most interesting and amazing place to be. We are a family, not only a company. Love it.

    Velishea Isaacs

    I’ve worked for 13 years at Roots of Creation, having started at the foundry, then assembly and now in dispatch department as team leader. What an experience during all these years. Love it here!!

    Julianne Stevens

    At the moment I’m learning at Roots of Creation but it’s a great experience so far for me.

    Rosy Keyser

    I’ve worked at Roots of Creation for so many years and have grown because of working in different departments. It is exciting.

    Hedlo Gordon

    I’m working in the painting department and loving it because of all the exciting, original Africa pieces we get to paint.

    Samantha Julius

    I worked here at Roots of Creation for five years before I left. I came back and been here for 10 years. I am grateful and blessed to be here. This is my second home. Go Roots of Creation. P.S. I belong here!

    John Abrahams

    I’m John Abrahams. I’ve been with Roots of Creation for 16 and a half years. Doing everything at this company, never missed a day of work, and am very happy being here.

    Grace Kenneth

    Hi, I’m Grace Kenneth. I’ve been with Roots of Creation for 12 years. I am a mould maker and have a passion for what I do and I’m very proud to be working for this company!

    Sharon Phillips

    Hi. I’m Sharon Phillips. I’ve been at Roots of Creation for almost 2 years. I am a caster, which means the running of the pieces. I have an experience in another department as well. Working here is very pleasant.

    Cheslin Isaacs

    Hi, I’m Cheslin Isaacs. I’ve been with Roots of Creation for 8 years. I’ve been making key rings, packing & casting. I love casting, and being here makes me happy. Roots is a very nice company to work for.

    Sherleen Faroa

    Hi, I’m Sherleen Faroa. I started working at Roots of Creation in 1999. I’ve been a cleaner in the foundry and over the years, have watched the company grow. For me, it’s been a joy working here. We are a family working together as one to get the work done.

    Jean Davids

    I’m Jean Davids. I’m very proud to be part of the Roots family since 2004. This was the best thing that happened to me. The work is very interesting and my boss is the best.

    David Johnson

    I started at this company in 2002 and over more than 16 years I have learned there is not one item that I can’t cast. I enjoy working for Roots of Creation and am very proud.

    Rocardo Mies

    Hi, I am Ricardo Mies. I’ve worked for Roots of Creation for a year now. I have been a cleaner, a runner and a caster. I love it. This is a very nice company to work for.

    Gareth-Paul Wilson

    I am working in the assembly department at Roots of Creation, making bottle stoppers and KRG key rings. We use the best products for our creations and work.

    Elizabeth Delport

    I’ve worked at Roots of Creation for 20 years, started in the foundry and most recently working in the assembly. All my experience I have is thanks to our company, through good and bad times Roots of Creation helped me through it.

    Johannes Steenkamp

    I’ve worked in the assembly department at Roots of Creation for more than 20 years. My work is making table cloth weights for the company.

    Brandon Abrahams

    I’ve been with Roots of Creation for 6 years now. I started out in the assembly doing key rings and lighters and I enjoy what I do. I am happy working for this company.

    Chantal Isaacs

    I’m very proud and excited to be with a company that’s going global, giving other countries a chance to see our beautiful arts and crafts handmade in South Africa.

    Heidy Martin

    Although my work is sometimes very intense, it is exciting and I love every minute of it. The teamwork and understanding of our department also makes it easier and we strive for the best.

    Shireen Stevens

    Every day is a challenge because very often we are faced with new products, but I like the challenge and I am very committed doing my work. I’m proud to be part of the Roots family.

    Jeniffer Anther

    I’ve been employed at Roots for 20 years and I enjoy my work. There are challenges to face because we often try something new. I am very happy to be a part of the Roots family.

    Natasha Banda

    I’ve worked in the Assembly Department for 10 years as a jewellery maker. I love my job because we in assembly make a mean team.

    Anthea Dicks

    I make one of Roots’ top sellers and enjoying every minute of it. I also assist with sticker products and I love my job because there is always room for different opportunities.

    Lauren Potgieter

    My job is very challenging, exciting and interesting, but I love every minute of it. I haven’t been here long, but very happy and wish to be committed to my job.

    Edwina Jantjies

    I’ve been with Roots for 20 years. It’s been tough and challenging, but I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. I’m proud to be the team leader of the Assembly Department and it comes with an amazing, hardworking team. I’m excited for our new venture…going global, and glad I can be a part of it.

    Deidré Adonis

    I’ve been part of the Roots family for 16 years as a key ring maker. I am happy with my work and I’m at my best when working. Our teamwork is awesome that’s why we are so successful.

    Harriet Isaacs

    I am proud to be a part of the Roots family for 13 years, without any regrets, doing my work to the best of my ability and love every moment of it. The thought of going global is awesome!

    Johanna Jantjies

    It’s a privilege to be a part of the Roots family for 13 years. Making jewellery and the opportunity to become global is so exciting for me. I can’t wait for what we are about to achieve.

    Shannon Davids

    I’ve worked for Roots of Creation for almost 3 years. I started in the assembly department making key rings, then as a castor. I learned a lot about the work here. I am quite happy and satisfied working for this company.

    Bentry Mwakalinga

    Roots is a company with motives and those motives are driven to success

    Kulsum Chandley

    I’ve worked at Roots for eight years now. My dream job is painting. Margot, my boss, is part of this! My life is very colourful. I enjoy every minute, day & year at Roots of Creation.

    Brandon Paulse

    I’ve worked 11 years for the company and I’ve learned a lot about commitment, perseverance, and taking responsibility in every aspect of my life.

    Shihaam Waggie

    I am Shihaam Waggie. I started at roots of Creation in 2012, working as a metal caster. Loving my work with a passion. So exciting new challenges every day and something new to learn every day. So, I am very proud of my work.

    Zunhineo Barron

    I am Zunhineo Barron. I’ve been working at Roots of Creation for a year and a half. Working at Roots is great, and I like what I am doing.

    Kashiefah Cummings

    I’m Kashiefa Cummings. I started at Roots of Creation in 2002. I was working as a caster and I am now working as a mould maker. I really enjoy my work and I am very happy working for such a great company.

    Cornelia Ockhuis

    Hi, I’m Cornelia Ockhuis. I’ve been working for Roots of Creation for 15 years. I work as a cleaner on the sanding machine. I enjoy what I am doing in the company.

    Shanaaz Dalwai

    Hi I am Shanaaz. I work as a merchandiser at Roots of Creation. I love what I am doing.

    Rasheedah Bestman

    I am Rasheedah Bestman. I am with Roots of Creation for almost 10 years. One of the qualities I love about our people is that we know how to work as a team. We work hard together and that’s how we succeed. Margot has built us a home away from home. We are a family.